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Termite Picnic!

Termites are having a picnic under my grill! They were feasting on my wood pile just a few feet my my shed. I’ve found signs of termites in many homes in the Dallas metroplex but when I found them in my backyard I followed the advice I give to my inspection clients and called a certified termite and pest control service. You probably know they will destroy the wood in your foundation and walls but do you know what else attracts termites to your home?

Wood - it may be the fire logs you have stacked by your shed, wood siding, piers and beam foundations or your deck. If it has cellulose, they will eat it if they can reach it.

Moisture - they need moisture to survive, it could be poor drainage or leaks.

Mulch - it might be the finishing touch to your flower garden, but if it’s within a few feet from your home it’s an appetizer termites love.

Construction debris - sawdust and foundation forms left buried in the ground are easy meals for termites. Once they are close to your home, they will move in soon. I always find debris left behind in crawl spaces, if your home inspection discovers debris in your crawl space, hire someone to clean it out.

Watch out - look for swarms, mud tubes, soft or hollow sounding wood and call a professional!